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ALPHA Summer Clinics

ALPHA Summer Clinics 2024:

If you want to learn to play hockey with us and/or condition with us, we suggest you purchase ice skates and practice skating. We require you to at least be able to skate across the ice before attending clinics. You don't have to be good, or fast- but you can't be hanging on the wall :)

If you need help accessing hockey gear you can get your hands on our donated gear! We have some gear, but sizes and stock is limited!

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Gear Up For Pride Hockey Clinics!

Learn and condition with ALPHA Hockey clinics! These one hour sessions are for ALL levels of play including beginners. We generally ask that you can at least skate across the ice. Any level of conditioning can be made better with extra ice time to do  warm ups, drills and scrimmages!

If you need help with hockey gear, please contact the ALPHA for more info as we have collected used hockey gear to help others get into the sport of hockey! This Gear is available upon request and is limited quantity. All we ask is that if you decide hockey isn't for you- you simply return the gear to allow somebody else the chance to get on the ice.

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